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Episerver – trust relationship failed

When I started out with Episerver I quickly ran into problems. As a consultant I travel a lot and my companys VPN-solution is far from good so I always work “offline” from my company when I burn late nights at the hotel.

The first site I set up on my machine got a yellow screen of death when I tried to log into Episerver with the CMSUser account. I got an error saying “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”. Not a verry good start on the first project and I didn’t find any good reasons why.

Trust failed

If you find yourself in a position where you get the same error, the reason and solution is quite simple. The reason that the error appear is that the account I tried to log in with was a domain account and when the login attempt happened an attempt was made to verify the identity against the AD. Since I didn’t use VPN that was impossible.

The solution

So how can you fix this? The best way is to add a local account on your computer and use that for the login against Episerver. Make sure that the account you add belongs to the Administrator group on your machine. Doing this will allow you to run Episerver on your local machine anywhere you are.

Add new user